Discover how the value of a trusted partnership helped build a single and cohesive security solution.

The Star Group’s mission is simple: be the most innovative team in produce with an unwavering commitment to value and taste. That means choosing the highest quality soils; growing the juiciest most nutritious fruits and vegetables; picking them at just the right time; and getting them into the hands of consumers as quickly [...]

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Unwelcome guests could be lurking around your wifi

Like the open bar at a wedding, or the Hawaiian pizza set out for your guests in Event Room C, uninvited guests are hungry (and thirsty) for access to your company’s corporate network.     Guest wireless access has become so common, most of us don’t give it another thought. The departure gate at [...]

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Ignite Security brings cyber security compliance expertise to Atlantic Canada’s aerospace industry

A new relationship in the aerospace and defence industry will solidify Ignite Security’s commitment to helping international companies build cyber security compliance and governance. Signing on as members of the Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association (ACADA), Ignite hopes to leverage decades of experience serving IT security needs in international aerospace and [...]

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Network security gaffes: When good fish tanks go bad

Imagine for a moment that you are the CEO of a Casino. Image is everything. You want to create an atmosphere of entertainment and overindulgence. You want your customers to feel important and decadent, so they forget their troubles and spend, spend, spend. The lobby and common areas can’t be adorned with [...]

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Spoofed: Email fraud, authentication tools and you

I consider myself a pretty tech-savvy individual. I’ve been using a computer since the days of Wordperfect, dial-up and Netscape Navigator. When email scams first went mainstream, they seemed pretty easy to spot, and I’ve honestly never been able to understand how people fall for it. But, they do. Last week, I [...]

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The Not So Simple Answer to Compliance

Cybersecurity is one of the most prevalent challenges on the minds of today’s IT leaders. In a recent Twitter chat led by Myles Suer of, participants listed cybersecurity among their top organizational, talent development, and investment priorities for 2019. In the same conversation, CIOs admitted that they continue to struggle with tension [...]

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When Steven Taylor first decided to become an entrepreneur, it wasn’t to get rich quick or patent the world’s next big innovation. It was to bring people and technology together - minus the frustration and headaches. Working in the unified communications industry for over 15 years, Taylor saw that customers were becoming [...]

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