The Star Group’s mission is simple: be the most innovative team in produce with an unwavering commitment to value and taste. That means choosing the highest quality soils; growing the juiciest most nutritious fruits and vegetables; picking them at just the right time; and getting them into the hands of consumers as quickly as possible. To view all The Star Group divisions, visit their website.

To do that, they need to be able to communicate efficiently — with each other, with customers, with suppliers — anywhere, anytime.

Looking for a single, cohesive Cisco solution.

When it came time to renew their enterprise agreement with Cisco, The Star Group wanted a partner who could help them upgrade to next-generation technology for their collaboration environment. They needed a fresh set of eyes and point of view on things.

Star’s existing solution was a patchwork of products and applications – some pieces were only partially deployed, and there wasn’t a consistent best practice for use across their sites. It had all become more and more onerous, and resource-intensive for the IT team to manage. To really optimize their process, they needed a more holistic approach.

Ignite Collaboration paired with Cisco technology makes for the freshest possible produce.

Ignite specializes in hybrid cloud/on-premise collaboration solutions for small and medium-enterprise businesses. We consulted with The Star Group to design and deploy a Cisco Webex technology upgrade that fit within Star’s existing environment, met their diverse needs, and enabled seamless communication between end users from any location, any time.

The Ignite team brought technical expertise and guidance to the design process, which inevitably created cost savings by way of a more streamlined renewal process and bundled services. We built a configuration template so that the solution could be deployed in a consistent manner across the entire organization moving forward, no matter how remote the location.

Doing business confidently, in a secure environment.

The Star Group also had a clear vision for what they wanted out of a Cyber Resilience plan. They knew they wanted to improve their cybersecurity posture through Cisco Secure Solutions, including things like automated incident response and threat intelligence.

Together, Ignite and Star spent a lot of time planning and designing a custom security solution, ideal for unifying site locations, while making logistical considerations. “Ignite takes the time to listen to your needs as opposed to telling you the solution you need. They have the resourcing and technical expertise for Cisco enterprise solutions but with the TLC you would expect from a small prairie company,” says Brad Thoms, Director of Technology and Security, The Star Group.

Ignite’s team brought that extra set of hands and expertise to make Star’s vision a reality.

Comfort in knowing you have a trusted partner.

One of Star’s core values is teamwork and comradery. Getting to know and understand someone’s technology environment takes time. It was important to Star to get to know their service provider – and vice versa: the kind of professional relationship where people are on a first name basis.

The Star Group wanted a long-term partnership with a company they could trust to:

  1. Design them an all-encompassing solution that is reliable, flexible, secure and easily duplicatable when setting up a new location or remote user
  2. Be the experts they can rely on for support, education and problem solving every step of the way
  3. Employ the Cisco Solution seamlessly and offer ongoing adoption support.

We know that every business is different. At Ignite, we offer security solutions across many industries, and specialize in designing the perfect plan to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for strategy, analytics or cyber protection Ignite can help set out a governance plan for you.

At Ignite, it’s always important to us to build and maintain trusted partner relationships with our customers by being responsive to their needs and supporting them with our strong technical team. The Star Group wanted mobility, and Ignite gave them a solution that enabled the adaptable, secure, ‘work from anywhere’ solution they had in mind.